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Our Team Member's
Mr. Shekhar Devadiga
Mr Devadiga has dedicated more than 25 years to this Industry. Starting early at the age of 20 years he found himself landed at one of the popular ports in Mumbai India where he inherited the modus operandi of the industry Graduating in hard core experience in this field and backed by the business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit which he possessed he could handle the field of his work effortlesslywith par excellence.
Mr. Shekhar Devadiga
Mr. Ravi Havanur
Mr Havanur is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University He
began his career as an Export Documentation Executive and has
been subsequently elevated to the current position as a Partner of
Seabird Shipping Agency He carries an experience of over 25
years of vast experience in every aspect of Intemational Shipping &
Freight Management.
Mr. Ravi Havanur
Mr. Yashwanth Khot
Mr Khot with an experience of over30 years has been the dri'ling
force towards enabling Seabird Shipping Agency to attain its
current stature as a leading Clearing and ForwardingAgency in
80m Industry After completing his education he ventured into
trading with modest beginnings \"ith various agencies Process
Orientation Intemational transport supply chain logistics and
management have been his forte It is with this ammunition that he
~rusts himself forth to go fullsteam ahead to serve the esteemed
customers of Seabird Shipping Agency.
Mr. Yashwanth Khat
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